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segunda-feira, 12 de junho de 2017

Evil Circle - Death Metal - Indonésia - Divulgação / Extra

Evil Circle was an Indonesian death metal band formed in Purwokerto, Central Java in October 2010.
The band comprises vocalist Yuli Muntasir, guitarist Aditya Prajna bassist Reza Aditya, and drummer Purwa Reka. Together the lineup recorded the Jiwaku Mati demo in 2010.Later they released second demo, Exhibiiton Of Malicious, in 2011.
Thereafter they constantly released several demos and a couple split album. Sistematika Hidup Dan Mati, Perang Para Tuhan in 2012. 4-way split demo with Bunkerboob,HCPD,Desperate Boysband,then 2 way split demo along with Conscience Revolt in 2012.
At this point, the band caught the attention of Purwokerto indie label Kereta Badja Records, who signed them early in 2013 for a one-album deal. In July 2013, the band released their first album, Anxiety Of The Truth. Songs included all tracks from all demos as one CD.

Late in December 2016 they released a single called Homunculuz along with a video lyric. Until now, they remain in their lane and brought the stream of death metal.


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